Technology has seeped into all aspects of our lives. In the past decade, more than anything else, you can credit technology for transforming the landscape of our lives. Every viable industry that could have benefited from this integration of technology. The first sign of technology that was seen in the industry was through the introduction of mobile payments and a vast array of POS advancements.

The hospitality industry is a significant contributor to our economy. The best part has been the fact that the growth of this industry has been constant. This has been credited to how fast and supportive consumers have been while interacting with this industry.

These technologies primarily cater to the consumers, and the poised next ones seem to be leaning in that general direction too, so if you’re a person about to enter this world or even one that is already in it but looking to up their game. These are the technologies to look out for and adopt in your business. 

Voice Technology 

“Alexa, Siri, Cortana, we are well acquainted with all of them. We know all of them. Most of us use one of them. Now they are entering our food too. Virtual assistance is a new frontier for the restaurant industry. Mega chains like KFC, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s have already enabled a voice-activated ordering system to make the ordering process easier for customers. Their application is also being updated to provide integration with all major virtual assistants. Voice assistants harbor endless potential and are going to influence the restaurant industry.

Enhanced Tabletop Ordering System

Ordering systems provide diners with a new way to place orders in a way that virtually eliminates human error. You can now scroll through the whole menu digitally and then place your order that directly goes to the kitchen. Servers are no longer required to take orders manually. Even on their best days, servers at the end of the day are human and are susceptible to making mistakes. The systems additionally decrease the turnaround time for every table and ensure better service.


If you go through any top technology trends that have something or the other to do with customer fulfillment, you will see chat bots featured time and time again. When you move everything online, you are essentially eliminating a personal touch. That is the essence of the hospitality business. Now, once everything has moved online, chat bots are being introduced to personalize the experience for customers. Big players in the industry like Taco Bell and Burger King have already begun to launch chat bots with a certain level of success. These chat bots are fulfilling functions like answering FAQs, sending targeted messages, promoting orders, and directing customers to payment or website gateways.

Self Ordering Kiosks

This is a revolution in the fast-food business; it started with McDonald’s and has quickly been introduced to all other players in this industry. The kiosk works well as guests don’t need to have any human interaction, and thus any problems that they have are mostly their fault and not the restaurants. Kiosks cut down the waiting time and increase the turnover.

Some of these systems even provide real-time insights that let you know in advance what is working on your menu. This will help improve the overall services.

Deviation From Pen And Paper 

 More and more restaurants are moving towards handheld devices to take orders.  This, in conjecture with mobile billing application, save a significant amount of time that is taken by each order. Orders are directly reflected in the POS system. Plus, this also helps the management in creating a list of regular customers and their preferences.

This integration is also primarily put into place to avoid as much human error as possible and also to decrease the time it takes for the kitchen to start with the preparation of food. The decrease in turnover time means more business and more money.

Engagement Using An Application

We have moved online as I have mentioned before, most people rely on food delivery applications or website to order their food. This is the reason why it is better to have a dedicated application for your restaurant. These applications invariably increase the audience reach, give out offers, help in order management, and enhance the overall customer experience.

The era of automation is aiming to make the restaurant business more productive, more productive. From faster orders to quick turnover times, there is something for both the restaurant and the customer on this list. To survive in today’s rapidly progressing environment, it is important to be attuned to what is happening in your industry as nobody wants to be left behind.