Are you running low on storage and could not get an idea to manage the space in your kitchen? This problem is often seen with the small kitchen. It becomes very difficult to find the things of use among all the clutter which is very time-consuming. Here, you need creative storage ideas for your low-space kitchen.

I am going to share some amazing hacks that will surely help you to declutter kitchen cabinets and countertops. You will be able to maximize the storage capacity of your kitchen.

Add Hooks in the Kitchen

Add Hooks in the Kitchen

 In a small kitchen, it often becomes difficult to add extra cabinets for storage. Adding hooks all over the kitchen is the best idea to enhance the storage capacity in such a type of kitchen. If managed in the right way, they can act as the focal point for your kitchen.  A hanging pegboard can also be a good option for this. It has many small spaces that can be utilized to place kitchen tools and extra crockery.

You can use these hooks to hang pans, pots, mugs, and lids. This will not only free up a big part of the area covered in your cabinets but also make it easy for you to access them. Also, you can easily manage the bulky appliances in that place.

Kitchen Island On Wheels

When it comes to enhancing the storage capacity of your kitchen, It is best to make use of Kitchen Island. It helps you to free up the floor space that is covered with storage items such as oils, containers, and bottles. A pull-out cutting board will reduce the need for extra space for the cutting and prep area. The sidebars of the island can be used to hang aprons, kitchen towels, and small utensils.

The best part of a kitchen island on wheels is that you can move it anywhere according to need. The integral storage can be used to place the dining essentials and cooking appliances. A kitchen island can be accessed from all sides. So, if more than one member is in the kitchen they can easily work without any conflict.

Spice Jar Tray

Spice Jar Tray

You need many spices and herbs for cooking. These are often kept in open spaces near the cooking area. When one is taken out for use, the rest fall here and there. It takes extra time to manage them. So, it is a better idea to keep such spice jars and herbs in a spice jar tray. The upper drawer just below the cooktop can be used as a spice jar tray. It will give a distinctive look to your kitchen and also create space for other uses.

You need to measure the size of your spice jars. Then convert the drawer into sections. Take a marker and label the name of the spice on each jar. Keep them in a horizontal position with the marked side outside. Now, your shelf will look more managed and clear.

Utilize the Space Around the Sink

The space around the sink is often unused and idle. It can be utilized well for increasing the storage capacity of your kitchen. The area above the sink can be used to install a dish drainer. It will help you store the utensils and cutlery after washing. In the same way, the same under the sink can be used to store some less used appliances. You can also make use of rolling drawers to store the cleaning appliances such as dishwashers, disinfectors, dish brushes, drain stoppers, and scrubs. Install a cover top over the sink that can be used as a cutting board when it is not in use.

6 Storage Hacks & Solutions For Your Small Kitchen

Use Higher Cabinets for Extras

When it comes to storage space, every inch of your kitchen is important. You don’t use all the kitchen items daily. Some items only come in use when there are more guests or friends at the home. So, it is better to use the higher cabinets and shelves of the kitchen to store such things. It will help you free up the space in lower cabinets and also fill up the idle space.

Most of the time the space above your refrigerator is left idle. You can convert this space into a shelf and store the extra tools and unused things on it. The area on the side of the refrigerator can be used to keep vegetable stands and kitchen cleaning tools.

Walk-in Pantry Closet

it becomes difficult for you to manage the space when guests or friends come to your place for dining. As you have to prepare two or three different dishes and starters, a lot of utensils and cutlery is needed for it. What do you think about the idea of keeping a closet in your kitchen? No! I am not talking about the one you use to keep your clothes. It will be a walk-in pantry closet. You can keep all the cutlery and crockery in it. All the shelves can be used for different purposes. Just drag the closet near your cooktop, use the needed items and then again drag it back to its previous position. It will save your space for other items.

Final Words

The kitchen is that important area of your home where you spend most of the time of the day. Managing it to give a clean and managed look is necessary for proper functioning. More importantly, these hacks will add value to your home as well. To keep things secure, it makes sense to hire bodyguards in Dubai who can do the needful and keep you safe. So, keep this as a priority as well.