Food in Spain has a life of its own. Disregarding all the great scenery and the hundreds of things you can do in the country for your entertainment if you go there just for food you will be equally happy. Spanish foods are unique in every prospect. They are hearty, tasty and extremely satisfying, no matter what the dish. 

If you are ever on a trip to Spain, at no point miss out on an opportunity to try out some great local cuisine. There are food tours that can help you achieve the maximum food variety from the country. But if you feel like food tours are a little too much for your digital resume, there is a list of meals that you should make a point to try out at least once.  

Spanish tapas is one of the most famous bar snacks in the world. You’ll find Manchego cheese, tostadas con tomate, and bravas in every bar. That is something I will highly recommend you try out. 


This is a Spanish staple that you will find at almost every restaurant without fail. Each restaurant has its own spin on the dish. At times they are dishes that have traveled down a long line of ancestors. 

The usual ingredients are Jamon(cured ham), Spanish blue cheese, sweet spiced black sausage, and creamy cheese. (Not together) 

This is also how most locals judge the quality of the food they are about to eat. If a restaurant can serve up a decent plate of croquettes, then the food would be great as well. 


Another famous staple I would request you don’t miss out on. Paella comes in various varieties depending on what region you are in at the point of time.  All of them are great but if you can, go in for Valencia Paella. This is also where the dish originates so they are experts on how it is made. 

Traditionally you will see people making it with rabbit, seafood or chicken. The base of the dish is rice which is simmered with vegetables, white beans, herbs like saffron and rosemary.  I would advise you to try out paella during lunch as otherwise, it might get a little too heavy. Look out for these if you are in or around Barcelona

Tortilla De Patatas 

This thick potato omelet is a breakfast favorite of the locals and if you are going to try something out this should be it. Again depending on what region you are residing in there are variations in what goes inside the dish. Everyone has their own favorite variation, as they should. 

The best one according to me is the one where slow-cooked caramelized onion and potato come together and create a sweet soft center after egg is added. This transforms it into an almost a cake-like omelet. In addition to this same snack you will notice everywhere is a wedge of omelet served between bread to make a sandwich. 


Most people will describe this as cold tomato soup. Which I personally feel is a very inapt description. I blame the supermarkets in America for giving it this very wrong description. 

In reality, Spanish gazpacho is a great appetizer made with full-flavored Spanish tomatoes. It has tomatoes, green peppers, onions, garlic, ginger, vinegar, and herbs.  It is a perfect appetizer for a summer evening or afternoon. 

Low calorie and healthy, It is the perfect dish for health-conscious dieters. 

Jamon Iberico

If you are in Spain your experience can never be complete unless you have this ubiquitous Spanish snack; cured Iberian ham. People are crazy about it and with good reason. 

People make Jamon either with mountain pig or black Iberian pig. The second one is a little more expensive than the first one. You will see them everywhere you go. Giant dried pork legs hanging from the ceiling of bars and shops. Experts carve off really thin slices and then you can either have it as it is or with one of the many varieties of cheese made locally. 


This is a sort of eggplant casserole kind of situation that is a hearty meal all in itself. It has a Spanish twist i.e. fried egg and chorizo. The base ingredients are onion, tomato, eggplant, olive oil, and red and green bell peppers. Just imagine a Spanish style ratatouille. 

Sounds simple enough? But wait, it is not. Cooking the dish is an art.  The vegetables are all stewed together along with olive oil with the best produce. How well it turns out, in the end, is all on the skill of the chef.  If you hold off the chorizo, it is a great vegetarian dish. 

Spain is a wonderland for food. Just enter any local place, they will not disappoint you in the food category. After all, Spain is to food the way Van Gogh is to art. How can the food ever be bad? 

Between all this food you are bound to have a great time and as you must have realized it is next to impossible to go hungry in Spain.