Hangovers are our bodies way of reminding us the ill effects of over indulging in alcohol. There are many give aways that our body ends up showing – tiredness, headaches and nausea are the main culprits generally seen.  Delta 8 and CBD have been touted to reduce nausea and bring forth a sense of clarity. Choose your favorite delta 8 cartridge here. Sometimes the blood pressure rises up, the heart beats faster than normal and your sweat glands go all haywire. These might be a clear indication of what makes up the physicality of what a hangover copriss, but the mental aspect of it gets worse. 

That gloomy, morally outraged and disgusted feeling only just accentuates the physical aspects of it. Consuming alcohol can leave you feeling sleep deprivated, as it interferes with hormones managing our biological clocks. This can induce jet-lag like symptoms and can leave people in disarray. With all of this, in some casesalcohol can also trigger migraines. So, what someone might think to be a hangover, would have actually been an alcohol-induced migraine that they were suffering. 

Sip a Glass of Water

Probably the first thing that should be done after a bout of drinking, that is because alcohol is a dieuretic. That means that alcohol is a dehydrating agent and it can leave you parched, leaving you quenched for water. Sipping a tall glass of water the morning after can be a hydrating start to the day rather than the groggy disorientation that follows. Granted it wont be a magic cure, but you will surely feel better with water in your system.

Opt for Fast-Digesting Carbohydrates

Food can act as a saving grace for tackling hangovers in many ways. But you cant just start to gorge on baco and sausages, as higher fat containing foods take longer to be digested. Alcohol stays in your system and is being absorbed by your body, so to cut that out its better to eat. Eating quick digesting carbs like Toast, Crackers and Bagels can be the best option to go for.

Make a Banana Smoothie

Liquids are said to clear out the stomach faster than solids do and that is why we suggest a smoothie to be consumed. When talking about smoothies, a simple banana – yogurt smoothie can do wonders when dealing with a hangover. As mentioned earlier, none of these are magic – snap of the finger cures. It will take its time but will surely make the time easier to go by. 

Eggs and Vitamin C For The Win 

Glutathione is an antioxidant that our bodies use to flush out alcohol from our systems. What is the real deal is that alcohol depelets the levels of this antioxidant we have, making it even more difficult to get over the hangover. Eggs are not only a rich source of protein, but also contains ample amounts of glutathione in it. Apart from eggs, the other houosehold item that has glutathione is orange juice. OJ is enriched with Vitamin C and as we said earlier, liquids help better with alcohol than solids do. A glass or two of Oj with eggs and a bagel should be the perfect hangover punisher. 

Hair of the Dog

It is a known idiom that the hair of the dog that’s bitten you has it’s cure. If things still aren’t clear we shall spell it out for you, D-R-I-N-K.Yes, you read that right, half a drink of what you had last night can help you fight hangover. Some research suggests that a hangover is like a form of alcohol deprivation and giving the littlest amount of the same can be helpful. Lighter alcoholic beverages like beer are also preferred as they have low amounts of alcohol per volume in them. 

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